This is the easiest way to find information on the Tor network. Only working links and trusted sites.
Store of electronics and gadgets.
New OnionDir The best .onion directory on the deep web.
Store of Cloned Credit Cards and Paypal accounts. 100% credit cards with limit 2000-5500$
Probably the best darkweb drug shop ever. Has good price for weed and roids. Ships from somewhere in europe. Very good stealth.
Cloned and Dump cards. Escrow accepted.
Scam and Fraud is common in the Dark Net. You need to be careful if you buy anything. Be aware about copied sites of genuine,trusted sellers. Always check URL. We help you to be informed about the newest Scam Websites. =================== First news: we got copied again noscammbh2nykt4r.onion is SCAM & pretend us.===== We are NOT connected with this scam site and we never wrote anything of this bullshit guide lines. We are INDEPENDENT and NOT CONNECTED with any website. We do not own and we do not get paid.
7in4 selected Dark Web Links. Only the best and trustful sites. You can add own sites to the directory. Others services are provided as well. You DAILY Linklist at Dark Web.
Once more....List of scamming and copied websites. Avoid scam by order from fake sites. Take a look first on the scam list.